Encouraging better regulation

Reducing red tape

Spirits & Cocktails Australia supports the Commonwealth Government’s announcement in December 2020 to review Australia’s excise and excise equivalent customs duty regime to identify unnecessarily cumbersome and duplicative processes.

The comprehensive review aims to cut regulatory overheads for business, support new investments in Australia’s world-leading beverage manufacturing sector, while enabling Australian Taxation Office and Australian Border Force officers to focus on higher-risk enforcement efforts.

We look forward to assisting the Commonwealth in its review.

Focusing on illicit alcohol sales

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) and Australian Border Force (ABF) have increased their compliance activities surrounding the illicit movement of alcohol at the border and into the domestic market. Their recent activities have focused on identifying instances of serious and deliberate non-compliance, resulting in dutiable alcohol entering the market without the proper amount of duty being paid. Non-compliant and illicit movements of alcohol on export have also been an area of increased focus.

Spirits & Cocktails Australia welcomes the increased focus on these activities and is committed to assisting the ATO and ABF as they continue their important work in this area.

Removing restrictions on spirit sales

In 2019–20, the NSW Government updated their liquor legislation and regulations to better support the growth of the night-time economy and to reflect positive changes in the state’s  behaviours and attitudes towards the consumption of alcohol. Spirits & Cocktails Australia successfully advocated for the removal of discriminatory restrictions on the service of spirits after midnight and this positive change was reflected in the updated regulations. We will continue to advocate for the removal of such restrictions in other states to ensure that spirits and cocktails can be enjoyed as part of a responsible night out.