The voice of the Australian Spirits Industry

Who we are

Creating opportunities for economic growth and industry development.

Spirits & Cocktails Australia is the peak body for major spirits manufacturers operating in Australia. Our vision is to promote a safe and vibrant spirits sector, which reflects Australia’s mature drinking culture and creates opportunities for sustainable growth and economic development.

Our industry delivers over $11.6 billion in total value-add to the Australian economy each year, and over 52,900 direct jobs – with 5,000 of these jobs in spirits manufacturing. Our supply chain stretches from ‘farm to glass’, incorporating farmers and primary producers to the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Tax Reform

Modest changes to Australia's spirits tax will facilitate sustainable growth for Australian spirits manufacturing and boost investment in an industry ripe for growth.

The third highest spirits tax in the world

The tax levied on spirits in Australia is the third highest in the world — only Iceland and Norway’s are higher.

Australia’s spirits tax is outdated and unfair. Given many Australians are drinking less often and more responsibly, it is disappointing that the spirits tax hasn’t kept up. The current high tax level continues to penalise Australians who choose to drink spirits.

A cost burden that just keeps growing

Every six months, the tax increases - and so does the inequity. The most recent spirits tax increase of 2.2% (effective from 1 August 2023) is levied against an industry facing inflationary pressure, extensive supply chain issues and depressed consumer confidence.

With no end in sight to these automatic six-monthly tax increases, the sustainable growth of the Australian spirits industry is increasingly under threat.

Spirits tax reform will create the conditions for sustainable growth

With modest reform, the Government has the potential to release the handbrake on the Australian spirits industry to unlock opportunities to create a sustainable and scalable manufacturing industry.

In a joint Pre-Budget Submission, Spirits & Cocktails Australia and the Australian Distillers Association showed that resetting spirits tax rates can increase Government revenue, while providing a powerful kickstart to grow domestic spirits manufacturing into a premium agricultural-based export industry.

As international demand for premium spirits continues to grow, there has never been a better time to invest in the future of the Australian spirits industry.